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Marine Special Operations Team supporting Afghan Local Police 0

A Marine Special Operations Team assists with security during the construction of an Afghan Local Police checkpoint in Helmand province, Afghanistan, March 30, 2013. Afghan Local Police complement counterinsurgency efforts

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U.S. Marine special operators and U.S. Navy corpsmen 0

U.S. Marine special operators and U.S. Navy corpsmen participate in close quarters battle training during Emerald Warrior at Stennis Space Center, Miss., March 4, 2012. The primary purpose of Emerald Warrior is to exercise special operations components in urban and

Jordanian and United States SOF Training 0

Coalition partners from Combined Joint Task Force Spartan took part in a capabilities demonstration for His Majesty King Abdullah II bin A-Hussein of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on May 16 at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center.

Afghan Special Operations Forces 0

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GROM Pictures 0

Polish GROM special forces deployment in Afghanistan

710th Special Operations Wing 0

The 710th Special Operations Wing is the rapid deployment force of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), which is divided into ten-man airborne attack teams as most of its members are airborne qualified. The wing also controls the 772nd Explosives and

4 Alpini Regiment (Italy) 0

The 4th Alpini Regiment was a light Infantry regiment of the Italian Army, specializing in Mountain Combat. The Alpini are a mountain infantry corps of the Italian Army

707th Special Mission Battalion (South Korea) 1

The 707th Special Missions Battalion is part of the Republic of Korea’s Army Special Warfare Command (ROKA SOCOM). The unit is South Korea’s primary counter terrorist and quick reaction force

Sayeret Matkal (Isreal) 0

Sayeret Matkal is the Israel Defence Forces elite special forces unit. The main role of the unit are counter-terrorism, deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, however the main objective of the unit is field intelligence-gathering, used to obtain strategic intelligence behind enemy lines

601st Special Forces Group (Czech) 0

The 601st Special Forces Group is a special forces unit of the Czech Armed Forces and were officially created in 2003, the product of reorganisations in the Military of the Czech Republic in this year. However, it has roots that go back as far as 1952 when it was a paratroop brigade.

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